Research Interests

  • Game and Interaction Design
  • Sound, noise, music
  • Speech
  • Emotions
  • Ebodied Technology
  • Psychophysiology
  • ... and their combinations

Contact information

inger.ekman at

GSM: +46 76 845 3837

Blog: Meaningful Noise


Inger Ekman

Currently, I am working on a grant from University of Tampere to finish my doctoral dissertation about game sound design. During the year 2012-2013 I am visiting the Mobile Life Centre.

Old projects

Wearable soutions for critical task conditions, including biosensors and other contextual data sources. Focus on psychophysiological research and non-visual interface solutions.

Playful mobile applications using biosignal input and other uncommon user interface solutions.

IEEE - Interactive Emotional Embodied Interface at Helsinki University of Technology.
Research and design of emotional interfaces, such as controlling the computer with your emotions - we invented a new technique based on voluntary pupil dilation and hooked that up to a couple of game prototypes. Also basic research on game sound and emotion.

Finnish Spoken Document Retrieval at the Department of Information Studies and New Media research at the Hypermedia Laboratory:

MOGAME - Mobile Gaming Solutions for the Future
Researching context-aware games for next generation wireless terminals.

FiTV - Future Interaction Television
Interactive digital television, interactive scriptwriting, future cross-media concepts and user cultures.

AHNaK - Active User Interface for Personal Navigation
Researching interfaces for personal context-aware mobile services and utilizing location information in end user applications.

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