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Antti Syvänen

+358 50 4437218
Pinni A, room: A5084 Department of Information Studies and Interactive Media (INFIM) University of Tampere



Work description

I do my primary work as a Ph.D. researcher in Finnish Academy Know-ID 2010-2013 (Collaborative construction of knowledge and identities in school and teacher education) research project The overall research goal of the proposed project is to reveal, describe and understand student processes of building their identities and constructing knowledge in information rich, collaborative environments. The underlying aim of the project is to strive for a new balance between the pedagogical practice and the new information and media environment. The project makes an attempt to develop both curriculum models and instructional practices supporting students’ development as independent learners having a well-developed personal, social and cultural identity. The aim is to boost a gradual pedagogical reform by cooperating with practicing teachers and conducting research both in schools and teacher education. I also have a graduate school doctoral student position (2006-) at Graduate School for Multidisciplinary Research on Learning Environments:

My secondary work is in TEKES OpTek 2009-2011 project Work Package on Mobile content production and studying.

To support these projects´ aims a mobile blogging enabled digital portfolio system was designed and taken to use in teacher education context at Department of Teacher Education, University of Tampere. The reseach case involves collaboration with Nokia Finland Oyj and School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham. Short description of the pedagogical designs can be viewed here (poster presentations at TRIM opening ceremony 9.10.2009):

Syvänen, A. 2009. Mobile Blogging in Teacher Education: investigating means to enhance portfolio practice.
Syvänen, A. 2009. TEKES Opetusteknologia koulujen arjessa 2009-2011: Mobiiliopiskelu ja sisällöntuotanto.


I have previously worked as a project researcher (2001-2005) at University of Tampere (Institute for Extension Studies (TYT) and Hypermedialaboratory) in various national and international projects including MOBIlearn, European Centre for Media Literacy and Digital Learning 1 & 2 In these projects I have concentrated on: 1) developing theoretical evaluation methods for mobile digital learning materials and mobile learning tools, and 2) studying media literacy issues and mobile technology supported learning. More recently I have worked in the Finnish Academy Web-SeaL 2006-2009 (Web-Searching, Information Literacy and Learning) research project The project studied the interplay of information literacy and learning in the Web-dominated and mobile information environment.

My research activities, including publications and presentations can be viewed here: Research activities