Some presentations (selected, see for more)

Institute of International Studies Mini-Conference on Fragile Governance and Local Economic Development (University of California, Berkely 15.5.2017)

Sotarauta, M. Governance and place leadership in local/regional economic development. Invited presentation

Leadeding places (London, UK - 21.11.2016)

Markku Sotarauta: Place Leadership from an International perspective

Changing Patterns of Territorial Policy: Smart Specialisation & Innovation in Europe (Seville, Spain - 29.9.2016)

Markku Sotarauta & Nina Suvinen: Institutional Agency and Smart Specialisation: How Institutional Entrepreneurs and Navigators Work to Institutionalise a New Science-based Industry 

University of Manchester, Business School (Manchester, UK - 14 March 2016)

Markku Sotarauta: The success enjoyed, mistakes made: 25 years of Finnish innovation policy

Exploring varieties of leadership in urban and regional development (Birmingham, UK - 12-13, Nov. 2015)

Markku Sotarauta: Leadership in Urban & Regional Development: What next? Conceptual and Methodological Considerations

Innovation Ecosystems and Competence Building (Helsinki, 15 Sept 2015)

Markku Sotarauta: Words of Welcome and Introduction

Björn Asheim: Innovation Policy for Economic Resilience: The case of Sweden 

Jerker Moodysson: Institutional change, innovation and policy coordination

Martine Kenney: Commercializing Stem Cell Science in the U.S. - Where Is It and Where Are We?

Pasi Sorvisto: Venture Finance in Finland – Outcomes of Executed Policies

Markku Sotarauta: Leadership and Competencies in Innovation Ecosystems

BioMediTech: Emerging business opportunities for the industry (Helsinki - 14 Sept. 2015)

Markku Sotarauta & Tuomo Heinonen: Human Spare Parts Industry : Business and Opportunities 

ITU Policy Forum (Seinäjoki - 16 Sept. 2015)

Markku Sotarauta: The Dodgy Success of the National Innovation System of Finland 

Seoul Magok International Conference 2015 (Seou, Korea -  9 Sept. 2015)

Markku Sotarauta: The Future of Technology Convergence and Competencies - New Value and New Opportunities

Regional Studies Association Annual European Conference 2015 (Piacenza, Italy - May 25, 2015)

Andrew Beer & Markku Sotarauta: Government, Agency and Place Leadership Lessons from a Cross National Analysis

The 3rd Regional Development Seminar: Creativity and Innovation in the Development of Regional Growth Potential (Daegu, Korea - 24 June 2014)

Markku Sotarauta: Customized innovation policies for regions: Industry-academy collaboration for industrial growth in Finland

Global Economy and Industry Forum 2013 (Seoul, Korea - 24 June 2013)

Markku Sotarauta: Customized innovation policies: Industry-academy collaboration for industrial growth in Finland

International Symposium on the Regional Contribution of Universities (Tokyo, Japan - 15 November 2013)

Markku Sotarauta: The Role of Universities in Local and Regional Development: Differing Roles Call for Customised Assessment Framework

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