HALKAA14 Economic renewal of cities and regions (5 ECTS)

Learning outcomes

The student becomes familiar with the most important knowledge-based theories and development models of cities and regions. After completing the course the student:

  • Understands the key forces that shape economic development of cities and regions
  • Understands the potential and constraints of the most important economic development models in use 
  • Understands how institutional varieties shape economic development of cities and regions in different locations
  • Understands the nature and thematic areas of innovation oriented local and regional development studies


  • When: On Mondays from 14:15 to 16:45 / from October 21 to December 2
  • Where: Pinni A1081
    • November 18 at A3 (main building)
    • December 2 at A3 (main building)


  • Work for the class will include attending the lectures, independent reading and writing a learning diary. Everybody will write the learning diary in English. 
  • Deadline for submitting learning diaries is December 15. Learning diaries will be sent to Prof. Sotarauta by email (markku.sotarauta [at] tuni.fi)
    • The learning diaries need to cover the lectures, video lectures and the report
    • The required minimum lenght of learning diaries is 3000 words (appr. 8-9 pages)
    • What is a learning diary and how to write a good one - click HERE to find the answer.

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