Harri Siirtola

I am senior research fellow in the TAUCHI Research Center and an adjunct professor of interactive technology. My main research interest is information visualization, especially the interactive kind. I usually collaborate with domain experts as you need interesting data to do information visualization.

I supervise Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral thesis about information visualization. Feel free to contact me!

I have also taught a course on Information Visualization and courses on R data graphics.

What's on

GaSP: Shared and Private Gaze

Gaze, Shared and Private, or "Private and Shared Gaze: Enablers, Applications, Experiences" is a three-year project funded by the Academy of Finland and led by Kari-Jouko Räihä. It will run from the September 2015 till the end of 2018.

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STRATAS: Text Variation Explorer

Text Variation Explorer (TVE) is an interactive text visualization tool with a sociolinguistic twist. We are currently working on a new version in the STRATAS project (Interfacing structured and unstructured data in sociolinguistic research on language change). The link below shows details about the earlier release from the DAMMOC project (Data mining tools for changing modalities of communication).

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Other things on my radar

I am broadly interested in information visualization and its applications, and human-technology interaction in general.

Toolwise, I'm following Statistical System R and all the exciting stuff built on it, e.g., Hadley Wickham's ggplot2 and the rest of the Tidyverse. Other tools I use (in no particular order) include Java, Objective-C, JavaScript, and RStudio.