E or I?

When forming certain cases, i.e. the genitive and partitive singular, it is occasionally difficult to tell whether a noun's final i changes into -e or not. Here is a list of words grouped by whether or not their final i changes into -e.

NB. Words that keep the -i are usually loans from some other language. To make matters more complicated, older loans may follow the i ~ -e pattern, but the older loans are, in general, difficult to recognize.  In addition, there are various adverbs, prepositions, postpositions, etc. that may look like nouns ending in -i, but in fact are not, and do not conjugate at all.

For those of you who are used to this being one humongous list, I apologize.  The file became so big and unmanageable that I decided to split it up into smaller chunks.  A word of caution to those planning on printing the list of words that doesn't change:  at last count it was 65 KB!