The verb to play in English covers a lot of verbs in Finnish, and you must know which one to use, otherwise you will sound utterly ridiculous!

  1. to play along
  2. in play
  3. out of play
  4. to play down
  5. to play off against
  6. to play on
  7. to play upon
  8. to play out
  9. to play up
  10. to play up to
  11. to play a part
  12. to play for time
  13. to play into someone's hands
  14. to not be playing with a full deck
  15. to make a play for
  16. to play someone for a fool
  17. a play
    1. theater
    2. in a sports game
  18. to play one's cards right
  19. to play on someone's words/a play on words



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