Meadow Mari Grammar

This site is loosely based on my Finnish Grammar Pages. Unlike the Finnish Grammar Pages though, I don't speak Mari (at least not well enough to want to say that I speak it), and I'm just at the beginning end of the path to learning it. In addition, I can't answer queries about Meadow Mari, as I simply don't know enough to answer them. Pages will be loaded here when I have time from school, work, motherhood, etc.

Like the Finnish pages, I hope to make these pages as simple as possible to use. I also hope these pages provide information, albeit basic, on a language that hasn't been adequately covered in English.


NB. Bold letters indicate the stress in a word. In addition, if you come across any pound signs (#), it means that I couldn't think of how it should be in English, occasionally it means that I don't know what it means in Mari. I hope to replace the pounds signs in the near future. Thanks for everyone's support.
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