The Sami Flag

The Sami flag was designed by Astrid Båhl of Norway and was approved at the 13th Nordic Sami Convention in 1986. The four colors of the Sami flag were taken from traditional colors used in Sami clothing. The flag's circle stands for the sun an d the moon, with the red portion standing for the sun and the blue for the moon.

The flag is displayed on all official Sami flag days : February 6th (Sami National Day), August 15th (the day the Sami flag was adopted by the Nordic Sami Council in 1986 ), August 18th (founding day of the Nordic Sami Council (now Sami Council) in 1956), October 9th (founding day of the Sami Parliament in 1989), and November 9th (founding day of the Finnish Sami Parliament in 1973).

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