Picture of Olli

Olli Sotamaa

PhD, Docent, Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Game Lab // Shcool of Information Sciences
33014 University of Tampere

tel. +358 50 420 1472
email. olli.sotamaa(at)uta.fi
rm. B2098B, Pinni B Building

Selected Publications

Karppi, Tero & Sotamaa, Olli. (2012). Rethinking Playing Research: DJ HERO and Methodological Observations in the Mix. Simulation and Gaming, 43(3), 413-429.

Toivonen, Saara & Sotamaa, Olli. (2011). Of discs, boxes and cartridges: the material life of digital games. In Proceedings of Think Design Play: The fifth international conference of the Digital Research Association (DIGRA).

Tyni, Heikki & Sotamaa, Olli. (2011). Extended or Exhausted : How console DLC keeps the player on the rail. In Lugmayr Arthur et al (toim.) Proceedings of the 15th International Academic MindTrek Conference : Envisioning Future Media Environments. New York: ACM, 311-313.

Sotamaa, Olli; Tyni, Heikki; Toivonen, Saara; Malinen, Tiina & Rautio, Erkka (2011). New Paradigms for Digital Games: The Finnish Perspective. Future Play project final report. Tampere: University of Tampere. (TRIM Research Reports 3).

Toivonen, Saara & Sotamaa, Olli. (2011). Digitaaliset pelit kodin esineinä. In Suominen Jaakko, Koskimaa Raine, Mäyrä Frans, Sotamaa Olli, Turtiainen Riikka (toim.) Pelitutkimuksen vuosikirja 2011, 12-21.

Tyni, Heikki, Sotamaa, Olli & Toivonen, Saara. (2011). Howdy Pardner!: On free-to-play, sociability and rhythm design in FrontierVille. In Lugmayr Arthur et al (toim.) Proceedings of the 15th International Academic MindTrek Conference : Envisioning Future Media Environments. New York: ACM, 22-29.  

Sotamaa, Olli (2010). Play, Create, Share? Console Gaming, Player Production and Agency. Fibreculture Journal 16, FCJ-109.  

Toivonen Saara & Sotamaa, Olli (2010). Pelaajien näkökulmia pelien digitaaliseen jakeluun. Teoksessa Jaakko Suominen et al (toim.) Pelitutkimuksen vuosikirja 2010. Tampere: Tampereen yliopisto, 1-10.

Sotamaa, Olli (2010). When The Game is Not Enough: Motivations and Practices Among Computer Game Modding Culture. Games and Culture 5 (3), 239-255.  

Toivonen, Saara & Sotamaa, Olli (2010). Digital distribution of games: the players' perspective. Teoksessa Bill Kapralos, Andrew Hogue, Simon Xu (toim.) Futureplay '10: Proceedings of the International Academic Conference on the Future of Game Design and Technology. New York: ACM, 199-206.

Sotamaa, Olli (2009). The Player's Game: Towards Understanding Player Production Among Computer Game Cultures. PhD Dissertation. Tampere: Tampere University Press. (Acta Universitatis Tamperensis 1393).

Sotamaa, Olli (2009). Achievement Unlocked: Rethinking Gaming Capital. Proceedings of The Future and Reality of Gaming Conference, 2009.

Stenros, Jaakko & Sotamaa, Olli (2009). Commoditization of Helping Players Play: Rise of the Service Paradigm. DiGRA 2009 Conference Proceedings.

Sotamaa, Olli (2009). Case Study: Botfighters. In Montola, Stenros & Waern (eds.) Pervasive Games: Theory and Design. Morgan Kaufmann.

Sotamaa Olli (2009). Suomalaisen pelitutkimuksen monet alut. In Jaakko Suominen et al (ed.) Pelitutkimuksen vuosikirja 2009, 100-105.

Sotamaa Olli (2008), Mods and Consoles: The End of Modding as We Know It? In Sara Mosberg Iversen (ed.) Proceedings of The [Player] Conference. Copenhagen: IT University of Copenhagen, 439-440

Sotamaa, Olli (2007). Let Me Take You to The Movies(TM): Productive Players, Commodification, and Transformative Play. Convergence, 13:4 (October 2007), 383-401.

Sotamaa, Olli (2007). Perceptions of Player in Game Design Literature. In Baba (ed.) DIGRA 2007 Conference Proceedings. University of Tokyo, Tokyo, 456-465.

Sotamaa, Olli (2007). " On modder labour, commodification of play, and mod competitions", First Monday, 12:9 (September 2007).

Sotamaa, Olli (2005). "Creative User-centred Design Practices: Lessons from Game Cultures" in Haddon et al. (eds.) Everyday Innovators: Researching The Role of Users in Shapring ICTs. Springer Verlag, London, 104-116.

Sotamaa, Olli et al. (2005). "The Role of Players in Game Design: A Methodological Perspective" in Proceedings of the 6th DAC Conference (1.-3.12.2005). IT University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, 2005, 34-42.

Sotamaa, Olli (2005). "'Have Fun Working with Our Product!': Critical Perspectives On Computer Game Mod Competitions" in de Castell et al. (eds.) Proceedings of DiGRA 2005 Conference: Changing Views - World in Play. Vancouver. University of Vancouver, 2005.

Soronen, Anne & Sotamaa, Olli (2004). "Adapting a Probes Approach for Exploring Domestic Environments and Practices" in Mäyrä & Koskinen (eds.) The Metamorphosis of Home: Research into the Future of Proactive Technologies in Home Environments. Studies in Information Sciences, University of Tampere, 43-69.

Soronen, Anne & Sotamaa, Olli (2004). "And my microwave is a fox: Reflecting domestic environments and technologies by means of self-documentation packages" in Sudweeks & Ess (eds.) Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Cultural Attitudes towards Technology and Communication. Murdoch University, Australia, 211-225.

Sotamaa, Olli (2003), "Developing audiences: a community-oriented point of view" in Minna Tarkka (ed.) Digital television and the consumer perspective. Nordic council of ministers, 2003.

Sotamaa, Olli (2003). "Computer Game Modding, Intermediality and Participatory Culture", New Media? New Theories? New Methods?, University of Århus, DK, December 1 - 5, 2003. (Unpublished seminar paper)

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Ermi, Laura & Sotamaa, Olli (2002). "Yksityistä nautintoa ja yhteistä jakamista - Televisionkatsojien odotuksista ja asenteista", Mediumi 3/2002.

Sotamaa, Olli (2002). "Tuotteistetut tanssilattiat: klubielämyksen jäljillä", Mediumi 2/2002.

Sotamaa, Olli (2002). "Käyttökulttuurien tutkimuksesta" in Petri Lankoski (ed.) Henkilökohtaisen navigoinnin käyttöliittymien suunnitteluperiaatteet. Studies in Information Sciences, University of Tampere, 31-41.

Sotamaa, Olli´(2001), "Avainsana: Teknologia", Mediumi 1/2001.

A detailed list of publications, presentations and other accomplishments can be found at SoleCRIS.

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